Guidance on module outlines for ROV-related training courses

December 2023 Rev. 1.2 – Quality check; headers, footers & document map added; layout improved; no change to content

June 2020 Rev. 1.1 – Minor amendments made during review

November 2016 Rev.1 – To reflect current practice and to align with IMCA R002

November 2003 – Initial publication


  • Introduction
  • Glossary of terms and abbreviations
  • Application and delivery
  • IMCA R002 – Entry level requirements and introductory modular course outline for new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) personnel
  • IMCA R010 – Outline syllabus
  • Content of training course modules
Reference(s): IMCA R010
Published:December 2023
Version:Rev. 1.2
Grade:IMCA Recommended Practice

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