IMCA international code of practice for offshore diving

Rev. 1 – October 2007 – Updated to incorporate changed operating practices since first publication

Rev. 2 – February 2014 – Updated to incorporate changed operating practices

Rev. 2.1 – November 2019 – Updated to incorporate changes to Section 7.3.2 Surface Swimmers

The code is an especially vital document for contractors and clients working in unregulated areas of the world; and it has been instrumental in improving diving safety. While national regulations take precedence over the code, it is a strong and recognised source of good practice.This code provides advice on ways in which diving operations can be carried out safely and efficiently. It outlines minimum requirements, creating a safe ‘level playing field’ for all diving contractors. It also recommends how clients and contractors may analyse the safety implications of commercial requirements.

The code is regularly updated to reflect developments in good practice and technology. It incorporates both the substantial experience and expertise of our members as well as reference to other IMCA guidance.

IMCA has also prepared appendices for countries and regions with their own specific regulations or requirements:

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