IMCA’s Decommissioning Principles in Relation to DISMANTLECON

  • Introduction
  • Principles in relation to DISMANTELCON
    • Company group and contractor group property and personnel
    • Project works (including both company- and contractor-supplied items)
    • Title
    • Duty holder
    • Company provided information
    • Permits and licences
    • Pollution and contamination
    • Third Parties
    • Consequential losses
    • Gross negligence and wilful misconduct
    • Warranty obligations
    • Limitation of liabilities
    • Minimum insurance requirements
    • Force majeure and suspension
    • Delay
    • Variation orders
    • Free access to work site
    • Intellectual property rights
    • Termination by company for convenience
    • Company’s obligation to pay contractor
    • Operating permits and permits to work
    • Extraordinary risk
    • Anti-corruption
  • Summary
Reference(s): IMCA LCIC 015
Published:December 2020
Version:New Publication
Grade:IMCA Informative Guidance

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