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Revised Code of Practice equips Members with tools to meet sustainability challenge

Published on 5 March 2024

IMCA has revised its Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability.

Acknowledging the pressing need for action by the offshore industry, and an even stronger focus from Members on biodiversity loss, sustainability, and the environment, the document has been reclassified to a Code of Practice. This means that IMCA expects the highest level of compliance from its Members on its contents.

The first revision since its initial launch three years ago, the new document reflects a rapidly shifting landscape with recently introduced legal requirements such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) now featured. The CSRD requires European Listed companies and companies that operate in the EU to meet “double materiality evaluation” requirements – these expand on traditional reporting by ensuring that information on sustainability initiatives is not only evaluated in terms of the organisation’s triple bottom line, but also in terms of its overall impact on the environment.

IMCA shares revised Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability reflecting rapidly shifting landscape.
IMCA Contact

Mary Ntamark
Technical Adviser – Environmental Sustainability

The Code also reflects last year’s revision to the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Strategy, which set new interim targets for shipping – notably around the introduction of alternative fuels – on its way to Net Zero emissions by 2050. The IMCA Code of Practice supports decarbonisation efforts by encouraging Members to share their own clear roadmap to reducing GHG emissions.

To further support positive progress in this space, IMCA recently launched a new campaign, ProjectGHG, which brings Members together to better understand the rapidly changing legal landscape, explore new technology and innovation, and ensure that their approaches remain both relevant and impactful as we collectively chart a course to Net Zero emissions.

Mary Ntamark, Technical Adviser – Environmental Sustainability, IMCA said: “Our new Code of Practice, alongside our recently released Guidance on the Circular Economy and Marine Invasive Species, supports our Members with  the necessary tools to make positive progress in reducing their environmental impact.”

Ezrah Schraven of Fugro, and Environmental Sustainability Committee Chair, said: “The revised Code is more than a powerful framework for Members to follow. It is a demonstration of how we can, as an industry, come together and find the solutions for a changing world. I’m excited with this much needed revision and looking forward to seeing it implemented across the sector.

Iain Grainger, CEO, IMCA said in the foreword to the Code: “As we face pressing challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and the need to transition to a low-carbon future, the maritime industry’s role in achieving global sustainability goals has never been more crucial. The updated Code of Practice equips us with the tools to not only meet these challenges but to thrive in a world that increasingly values environmentally responsible practices.”

Join us for a vital industry conversation on GHGs!

Join technical experts and business leaders at our ProjectGHG Forum in Papendrecht, Netherlands on Wednesday 10 April 2024.

You can expect:

  • Expert views from the Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping.
  • An exploration of vessel demand from Interlatus Global Partners.
  • An overview of the regulatory, legislative, and taxation environments from Clyde & Co.
  • The views of offshore wind and oil and gas clients and the findings from a soon to be launched IMCA White Paper on the topic.
  • Solutions from a range of Stakeholders, such as the Port of Rotterdam, Bunker Holdings, Siemens, and Vard.
  • Member best practice from Boskalis and Subsea7.
  • A collaborative Seminar with engaging panel discussions, interactive audience Q&As, and plenty of opportunities for professional networking.

Kindly hosted by board Member Boskalis, tickets for the one-day technical seminar are available now.