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Catering crew unfamiliar with firefighting systems and emergency stops

What happened

During a recent incident on a members’ vessel, the catering crew were found to be unfamiliar with the firefighting systems and electrical equipment emergency stops.  

The lack of awareness came to light when there was a water leak in the galley during testing of the vessel’s fire pumps. The water leaked into electrical equipment and there was the potential for electrocution of the catering crew. The engine room crew were called and were able to safely isolate the galley electrical systems using the power supply emergency stops. The catering crew however were unfamiliar with the emergency stops.

A recent audit finding, on another vessel, further highlighted the lack of awareness of the catering crew about the location and use of firefighting systems in the galley.

Actions to be taken

  • Ensure that all catering personnel complete all mandatory familiarisation on joining the vessel;
  • Review levels of awareness with your catering crew and if required, cause catering crew to repeat appropriate familiarisation;
  • Chief Stewards should regularly emphasize the location and use of galley firefighting systems and emergency stops in daily Toolbox Talks;
  • Maintain galley fire drills, and if necessary, increase the frequency of galley-related fire drills to ensure all catering crew have sufficient awareness and confidence to use galley related firefighting systems and electrical emergency stops for galley equipment;
  • Ensure emergency stops in the galley are fitted, operational, visible, easily accessed and marked appropriately.

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Safety Event

Published: 12 July 2021
Download: IMCA SF 19/21

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