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Dropped fluorescent light tube

A member has reported an incident in which carelessness resulted in minor damage to equipment. During the replacement of old fluorescent light tubes in an onshore office location, a new fluorescent light tube dropped down from the cabinet (1.6 meters) to the ground and smashed. As a result, glass and particles from the fluorescent light were flying around and landed on various places (in a radius of around 5 meters). Nobody was hit or injured. At the time of the incident the person involved was climbing the ladder to remove the old light tube.

Direct cause: Failure to secure loose object. The fluorescent light tube was able to roll from the cabinet to the ground, because it was not in a secured position.

Root cause: Inadequate assessment of needs and risks. No-one seriously considered the possibility or assessed the risk of the fluorescent light tube rolling from the cabinet and smashing.

Our member took the following action to prevent re-occurrence: transport trolleys to be made fit for purpose to store and secure the fluorescent light tubes, ladder, related personal protective equipment (PPE) and other items required for the repair or renewal of light fittings.

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