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Failure of a shackle

A member has reported an incident which resulted in an injury to one of its crew, when an abandonment and recovery wire was being spooled off a winch. The shackle connecting the messenger wire to a pad eye welded on the end of the abandonment and recovery wire failed and hit an observer on the thigh.

The shackle failed due to an increase in load, resulting from the lack of flexibility and torsional strength in the connection.

The company concerned has carried out the following actions:

  1. the vessel has revised its procedure and the messenger wire is now spliced on to the core of the abandonment and recovery wire;
  2. a review of similar operations is to be undertaken, to ensure that the possibilities of bending and torsion are considered in the design of any connection. Adequately sized shackles are to be used or alternative flexible connections should be designed;
  3. all personnel to stay clear of wires under tension and adequate guarding to be provided and used during such operations.

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