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Falling object – struck by crane stop/striker plate

A member has reported an incident in which workers were struck by a falling crane stop/striker plate, causing injuries. Two third-party contractors were carrying out non-destructive testing (NDT), lubrication and cutting back vessel crane wires. Whilst one of the contractors was working on a whip line and removing the split pin, the stop/striker plate, weighing 5kg, fell from a stuck position against the chandelier and slid approximately 40m down the wire. One contractor sustained a fractured thumb, the other a minor first aid injury.

Stop/striker plate
Stop/striker plate

Following investigation, the following lessons were drawn from the incident:

  • The introduction of stop/striker plates had not been formally risk assessed, including the need for permanently fixing the plates into position;
  • Little documented history existed for the design and installation or stop/striker plates;
  • Associated task-based risk assessment and toolbox talk did not include information relating the existence of striker plates;
  • Third parties were not advised about ongoing problems with stop/striker plates sticking at the chandelier;
  • Safety observations previously raised regarding the possibility of stop/striker plates sticking to the chandelier had not been fully addressed;
  • There was an additional person involved in the task, beyond that identified within the permit to work.

Safety Event

Published: 11 August 2009
Download: IMCA SF 11/09

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