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MSF: hand injury during stowing of anchor chains

The Marine Safety Forum has published a safety flash regarding an incident in which someone suffered a first aid injury to his hand. The crew were re-stowing the anchor chain after calibration in dry dock. They were trying to get the chain into the compression bar but it was slightly misaligned preventing the bar from closing. They tried lowering and raising the anchor a few times but to no avail. A crewman then successfully used a large pinch bar to turn the link slightly as the chain was raised the last short distance to allow the chain to fit snugly in the compression bar. Unfortunately he failed to notice the pinch bar was now aligned with the handrail on the adjacent bulkhead and as he lowered it his hand was caught between the pinch bar and handrail.

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Hand and finger crush/amputation injuries of this sort tend to occur where the immediate cause is not properly taking into account the risk of sudden and unplanned movement of very heavy or massive objects.

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Members should be aware that IMCA has a pocket safety card on this topic – Watch your hands.

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