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High potential near miss: worker inadvertently lifted by crane (Marine Safety Forum)

What happened?

The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) have released Safety Alert 18-07, which shows that during routine operations using a platform crane to transfer a bulk hose between a platform and a platform supply vessel (PSV) a worker got caught in the rigging and was lifted off of the deck by the crane. As the hose landed on the vessel deck, an AB went to release the hook from the lifting sling. While slightly bending forward and down to clear the hook, the crotch strap of his lifejacket formed a larger than normal bight. As the AB released the hook, it was incorrectly placed inside the bight and as he returned to the upright position the hook was caught. Unfortunately, the AB did not notice this, and signalled to the crane operator to ‘hoist’. This resulted in the AB being lifted above the deck and out over the side of the vessel. The AB’s immediate reaction was to hold onto the pennant wire to keep tension off the crotch strap. The crane driver and second AB quickly became aware of the situation and were able to land the AB safely back on deck. The AB remained suspended for around 11 seconds and was unharmed.

What went wrong? What were the causes?

  • The crotch strap on the lifejacket was not suitably tightened on this occasion. A change in body posture created a larger than normal ‘bight’ which allowed the hook to become attached;
  • The hook and lifting sling landing directly on the deck of the vessel;
  • The AB’s posture during the disconnection of hook;
  • A momentary lack of awareness on the actual location of the hook, i.e. left open, close to the body.

What actions were taken? What lessons were learned?

  • Hook awareness – ensure hook is clear of the body and any snagging hazards;
  • Buddy check during the TBT before work starts;
  • Raise awareness across the fleet for all lifting operations;
  • Discuss amongst the industry and fleet deck crews on a suitable “pause point” before giving signal to crane operator.

The full safety alert can be found on the Marine Safety Forum website.

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Safety Event

Published: 4 June 2018
Download: IMCA SF 11/18

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