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Important safety notice for users of Crosby S-1326 18/20mm Shur-Loc Hook with 16t WLL – PN 100434

IMCA has received the following from Crosby:

July 19, 2019

Dear Valued User of Crosby Products:

THE CROSBY GROUP has determined the above listed hook assemblies may have a condition that can reduce the ultimate load capacity.  Although the hooks have successfully passed proof load testing at the factory prior to shipment, the hook shank threads may have an issue that is exacerbated by corrosion, and continued use may result in loss of load, property damage, severe injury, or death.

By use of the Production Identification Code (PIC) symbols appearing on the product, we have determined the 18/20mm size of S-1326 Shur-Loc Hooks with PICs 9SB, 9SC, and 9SD shown on the latch may have this condition.  See Figure 1 below indicating the position of the PIC on the hook latch.  No other PICs are part of this Important Safety Notice.

Please identify any 18/20mm S-1326 Shur-Loc Hooks with PICs 9SB, 9SC, and 9SD on the latch, to have the nut removed for inspection of the latch external threads.  These hook assemblies have a removable coiled spring pin nut retention device to allow periodic inspection of the load bearing threads.  Below are instructions for nut removal, inspection, and reassembly.  If there are no tools or resources available to perform the disassembly and inspection at the hook location, arrangements can be made to have the hooks returned to a Crosby Distributor for inspection.  Any hooks with non-conforming threads are to be immediately removed from service and returned to Crosby, through a Crosby Distributor.  Hooks with proper threads are acceptable for reassembly and continued service.

If it is determined during inspection that the hook threads are non-conforming, please make arrangements to return the hook for replacement.  To return these products, please contact your Crosby Distributor.  For more information concerning this Important Safety Notice, contact Technical Support at 1-800-772-1500.

Please inform your customer(s) of this Important Safety Notice, or if you know of other users of the 18/20mm S-1326 Shur-Loc Hooks, please pass this notice on to that user, company, or firm.

We regret the inconvenience this may cause you and your organization and thank you for your cooperation.  We are committed to providing you with the absolute best in Crosby quality.




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