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Incorrectly colour coded oxygen cylinders

A member has reported that it has received a small number of ‘W’ size oxygen cylinders which were incorrectly labelled as nitrogen (oxygen free).

Members are reminded of the guidance set out in Marking and colour coding of gas cylinders, quads and banks for diving applications (IMCA D 043) – and particularly of section 7, ‘Gas sampling’:

“Sampling of all gases must be carried out prior to the commencement of, and during, diving operations.

“Gas cylinders and quads as received from the supplier should have a label attached and a purity certificate stating the composition of the gas they contain. However, it is stressed that analysis of gas as received from a supplier to a diving installation or site is the responsibility of a nominated and competent individual and that the ultimate authority for establishing the exact contents of any gas cylinder, bank or unit before use rests with the relevant supervisor.”

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