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Metrex M3610 multimeter incident

We have recently learned of an incident using a multimeter whilst a technician was investigating the 440 volt supply to an ROV. When he placed the instrument test lead across the 440v terminals, the instrument immediately short-circuited, causing him burns and eye-flash.

The 440v supply to the ROV shut down and interrupted the electrical supply to the drilling operation, since the main fuse blew in the control room.

The technician was testing for a 440v supply on the control circuit of the supply alternator for the ROV. The instrument arced between the terminal inputs of the meter. The probes of the instrument were placed approximately 4cm apart when the instrument flashed over. There was no damage to the probes and the instrument was set on the correct scale.

On investigation it was found that the instrument had been contaminated internally with seawater and an oily substance.

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Published: 1 January 2000
Download: IMCA SF 01/00

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