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Person accidentally drank hazardous substance: Unmarked bottle

What happened?

A third-party agent was on board a vessel during port clearance formalities. On the bridge, there was a mineral water bottle from which this person took a swallow. He immediately spat it out as the taste was different. Hesubsequently drank a great deal of water; he felt unwell for a time but there were no long-term ill effects and he subsequently left the vessel feeling OK.

What went wrong?

The bottle, which was not marked as such, contained a small quantity of diluted bleaching liquid that the bridge staff was using for cleaning the table top.

Members may wish to reiterate some fundamentals of safety awareness to vessel crews in the context of this incident.

This is brought to members’ attention as it is exactly the same kind of incident as that recorded in Person accidently drank hazardous substance.

Safety Event

Published: 2 June 2017
Download: IMCA SF 13/17

Relevant life-saving rules:
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