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Potential dropped object during cargo offloading operations

The MSF has published a safety alert regarding a potential dropped object. Following cargo offloading operations from a vessel to an offshore platform, the platform crew notified the vessel that a post cover had been found on top of a mud skip that had been received from the vessel. The post cover had the potential to be a dropped object of major consequence. The post cover weighed approximately 4kg.

The post cover had been removed while lashings were fitted to cargo. The post cover was placed on top of the mud skip and not been removed before the oncoming shift hooking the off-going mud skip onto the crane. The post cover had gone unnoticed and the mud skip was offloaded to the platform. Post covers are known to come free during adverse weather and previous incidents have involved the lodging of post covers in forklift pockets of containers.

Investigation identified one immediate cause and one root cause:

  • Immediate Cause – Crew member left post cover on top of mud skip during cargo operations;
  • Root Cause – No process in place for managing the removal and replacement of post covers during cargo operations.

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Safety Event

Published: 1 September 2016
Download: IMCA SF 22/16

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