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Ikaros MOB MkII smoke/light units (model 345105)

Safety Notice 13/01 (Exploding light and smoke marker) brought attention to the need for safety pins being correctly fitted and manufacturer’s instructions being exactly followed before transport or inspection of MOB smoke/light units.

By way of further information it is understood that a MkIII unit (model 345205) was on sale from November 2001 which we understand is the result of re-designing intended to prevent recurrence of the explosion which occurred on the MkII. The MkIIs are still likely to be in use on vessels and installations until about October 2005 however.

As it seems that it would be unlikely to be evident to personnel which model is in use, the Safety Flash thus remains as stated, that is that manufacturer’s instructions are exactly followed and that the safety pin is correctly fitted.

Manufacturers underline that it is vitally important that the signal is not detached from its bracket, for inspection or maintenance, until after the transport pin has been re-inserted.

They also state that users should keep the mounting and operation instruction leaflet, as well as the safety pin, on board the ship at all times for future use.

Safety Event

Published: 1 January 2002
Download: IMCA SF 01/02

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