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Man overboard (MOB) rescue lifting slings parted

A company has reported an incident in which there was a failure of lifting slings. During a MOB drill in port the dummy was brought to the MOB using a Sula Bedriftsteneste (SB) Rescue Sling, the sling was used with the davit to bring the dummy on board. The sling, under the weight of the dummy, snapped. Two other slings also parted during the exercises within a few hours at the same port.

Typical SB rescue slings
Typical SB rescue slings
Typical SB rescue slings
Typical SB rescue slings

Investigation noted the following:

  • The slings were being used under ‘normal’ conditions and parted under the weight of the dummy. A copy of the manufacturer’s instructions were obtained from the supplier and it was found that the slings were close to or beyond their replacement date;
  • The slings had been exposed to the elements and were probably near or beyond their replacement date. It is also possible that their integrity had been compromised when being cleaned;
  • Supply dates need to be noted, test and replacement dates adhered to.

A safety alert was circulated with a requirement to check all slings. Replacement slings were ordered to replace any that are near their replacement dates. Requirements for MOB drills were changed, such that it is now required that a proper dummy (to ‘load test’) is used every other drill.

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