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Mugging and robbery

Further to a Safety Flash 05/03 (Robbery at gunpoint) a further robbery report has been received from a member.

While getting a ride back to the vessel from Trinidad, Port of Spain, an employee was mugged and robbed at gunpoint. He was offered a ride back to the boat by a seemingly friendly man and his three friends. Approximately ten minutes after being in the vehicle the man in the seat next to him produced a gun and began to empty the employee’s pockets. His visa card and the money he had on him were taken. He was then severely beaten when the PIN number to his Visa card would not work. The men decided to keep him prisoner to try to get more money out of the next day. When he mentioned that he would be missed at the vessel and the card would be blocked, they drove to a remote location outside of town to kill him. The gunman’s mobile phone rang and during this distraction the employee dived down a slope while being fired upon. The men than decided to leave him there. About two hours later he decided it was safe to come out and make his way to the vessel.

The company involved has issued the following advice to its employees:

  • Do no accept rides from anyone other than official taxi drivers;
  • Always use the buddy system when going ashore, never go alone;
  • Take extreme caution when ashore; be aware of your surroundings and the people in your surroundings.

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