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Small fire caused by toaster in mess room

IMCA has received a report on a small fire which occurred in the mess room of a production platform.

A plastic tray had been left on top of a conveyor toaster. A member of the crew entered the mess room, plugged in and turned on the toaster. The tray was not taken off of the top of the toaster. The person then left the mess room without turning off the toaster. Subsequently the plastic tray holding the bread melted and caught fire.

The fire was successfully extinguished with a dry powder extinguisher and there were no injuries.

The following lessons were drawn from the incident:

  • Ensure that no items are placed on top of this type of toaster even when not in use;
  • Consider the use of guards and/or signs;
  • When this type of toaster is in use, the user should remain in attendance and switch it off before leaving;
  • Consider the suitability of certain types of toaster for a given location;
  • Crew should be reminded about the need for basic safety awareness even when engaged in everyday domestic tasks.

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