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Unsafe attempt of personnel transfer between vessels

What happened?

Three people from a sub-contractor were observed trying to move from vessel to vessel whilst alongside, by slipping through the bulwark guardrails. There was no proper gangway in place. The personnel were stopped and company requirements on safe access between vessels was explained to them. The vessel subsequently changed its location and moored to the quayside and a gangway was deployed for safe access. Though there were no injuries, the case was raised as a near miss given the high potential for serious injury.

What went wrong? What were the causes?

Crew members or visitors should only board and disembark the vessel via a correctly rigged gangway. Different vessel types and designs should be taken into account for a safe gangway installation. Crew or visitors should not jump from the vessel to the quay or to another vessel under any circumstances; lives have been lost through failure to follow safe access procedures.

What actions were taken? What lessons were learned?

Company safety management system (SMS) requirements for safe access were re-emphasised to all relevant contractors accessing the vessel. A revision would be conducted of company checklists for visitor/3rd party safety inductions to ensure that the communication of the need for safe access & egress requirements to any visitor when accessing the vessel.

Members may wish to refer to Guidance on the transfer of personnel to and from offshore vessels and structures

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