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Key players sign up to industry collaboration in offshore wind 

Membership includes the following organisations

G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation (G+), Global Wind Organisation (GWO), International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), RenewableUK, SafetyOn, WindEurope and American Clean Power Association 

Each member organisation has signed up deliver on the ICC’s commitments and objectives 


  • Establish clearer lines of responsibility with other key industry health and safety stakeholders, in different countries;  
  • Confirm that the various organisations’ work programmes are consistent with current and emerging priority risks;  
  • Ensure that duplication is eradicated and that efforts are undertaken by the most suitable organisation under a collaborative framework; and  
  • Enable visible collaboration to make the industry safer.  


Member organisations strive to improve health and safety performance within the wind industry and work toward the ICC’s objectives:  

  • Provide visible leadership on offshore and onshore wind industry health and safety issues;  
  • Harmonize and eliminate duplication of standards, to the extent feasible given national differences;  
  • Share knowledge and information on offshore and onshore wind health and safety issues;  
  • Strengthen each other’s work programmes;  
  • Deliver on and communicate good industry practices; and  
  • Strengthen links with external organisations, including groups active in offshore and onshore wind health and safety and governmental entities.  

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