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Crisis in Ukraine

This webpage brings together information which may be of interest to IMCA Members whose work is impacted by the military action and consequences which began in Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

These news items are selected from various sources and are generated by third parties. We will continue to update this page with information and resources generated as a reference centre for Members.

Latest News on Crisis in Ukraine

Date Title Reference(s)
18 August 2022Survey on the Wellbeing of seafarers affected by the conflict in UkraineNews
22 June 2022100 Days of WarNews
11 April 2022IMO, ILO call for urgent action on 1000 seafarers trapped in UkraineNews
6 April 2022Communication from the Government of UkraineNews
5 April 2022Armed conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine –Information Reporting Form for Stranded Ships and advice and updates related to maritime security in the Black Sea and the Sea of AzovNews
5 April 2022Ukraine crisis – Harmonization of PSC activitiesNews
4 April 2022UN – General Assembly resolution demands end to Russian offensive in UkraineNews
1 April 2022Communication from the Government of the Russian FederationNews
1 April 2022EU ResourcesNews
29 March 2022Neutral shipping needs a blue corridor out of UkraineNews
25 March 2022Over 300 vessels and at least 1,000 seafarers are stuck in UkraineNews
22 March 2022Seafarers trapped in Ukraine facing dire conditionsNews
22 March 2022Communication from the Government of UkraineNews
22 March 2022Charities/AidNews
22 March 2022IMO ResourcesNews
21 March 2022Information reporting form for ships stranded in Ukraine ports and watersNews
21 March 2022Global Wind Organisation Statement on the Russian invasion of UkraineNews
18 March 2022Links and Resourses shared by The Seafarers CharityNews
18 March 2022How to pay your Ukrainian (and Russian) seafarersNews
17 March 2022Information for people fleeing the war in UkraineNews
17 March 2022Ukraine Conflict – Repatriation of Crew FAQsNews
14 March 2022MIN 674 (M) – Guidance for shipowners regarding seafarers affected by Russia’s invasion of UkraineNews
14 March 2022Wall Street Journal article: Some Ukrainian and Russian Seafarers Blocked From Entering U.S.News
14 March 2022Russia-Ukraine CrisisNews
11 March 2022Ukraine crisis – UNHCR Position on Returns to UkraineNews
11 March 2022Maritime Security and Safety in the Black Sea and Sea of AzovNews
11 March 2022IMO calls Extraordinary Council SessionNews
11 March 2022ICS Calls for Safety Corridor to Evacuate Ships and Crews From UkraineNews
11 March 2022New package of sanctions against Russia published in the EU Official JournalNews
11 March 2022EU Places Financial Sanctions on Russian Maritime Register of ShippingNews
11 March 2022Thousands of Ukrainian and Russians seafarers stuck in ports globallyNews
9 March 2022Amendment to IBF List of Designated Risk AreasNews
9 March 2022UK shipping sanctions on Russian vessels have broad and unknown effectsNews
9 March 2022IMO Calls Extraordinary Session as Seafarers Remain Caught in UkraineNews
9 March 2022IMCA suspends Russian membersNews
8 March 2022UK introduces new sanctions against Russia including ban on ships and fresh financial measuresNews
8 March 2022Ukraine: IMO Secretary-General statementNews
8 March 2022UK Government Department for Transport Statements – Crisis in UkraineNews
8 March 2022Paris MoU – Guidance on repatriation of seafarers due to situation in UkraineNews