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Our Publications are used globally and include a range of highly-respected industry standards and guidelines for a wide variety of marine operations – all aimed at improving safety and performance. Our current catalogue includes digital publications (guidance documents including our codes of practice), Information Notes, safety materials, and logbooks.

The IMCA Guidance Register is a downloadable catalogue of all document references, titles and versions.

Our Information Notes section includes all Information Notes and the various categories of bulletins that we publish – such as Marine Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Environmental Sustainability, or Security. You can browse by title, reference number or keyword.

IMCA often publishes Information Notes which provide updates and clarifications on certain topics, including the content of existing guidance documents prior to formal revision. Members should run a search within the Information Notes section of this website for any updates or clarifications which may supplement IMCA’s published guidance documents.

This website contains the current revisions of all published IMCA documents. Users should ensure that they always use the current version, as our documents undergo a regular cycle of review and revision.

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