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Latest Safety Statistics

IMCA has published the 2021 contractor members’ safety statistics.  Our members have seen a continued rise in the number of safety observations, which is great. LTIFR has remained broadly similar to last year, but it is interesting to note a rise in the number of Recordable injuries, not only amongst our members but also in the data supplied by members of IOGP and IADC. The HSSE Core Committee will be discussing why this is and how we can help members address it – this rise in injuries requiring medical attention – something more than first aid, but not as serious as an LTI.

It is fundamentally a human factors issue, perhaps relating to attention span, fatigue, staffing levels, training and competence etc. It’s worth reiterating that Line of fire remains biggest cause of LTIs. This is also the IOGP Life-saving Rule most broken in IMCA Safety Flash reports from members.

Unfortunately IMCA members suffered an above-average number of fatal incidents in 2021, two of which were related to vessels being lost or capsizing in bad weather. The data are available at

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