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Latest Updates on IMCA Committees

Contracts & Insurance
The Contracts & Insurance Committee has recently been rebranded to ‘Legal, Contracts, Insurance & Compliance’ (LCIC).

The aim is to expand the participation of the Committee to include the Renewable energy players and widen the remit of the Committee to also address Anti-bribery, Corruption, Compliance as well as Contracts & Insurance.

The Committee will establish specialist Working Groups under the parent committee to work on specific issues.

New Core Committees
IMCA’s Board of Directors recently agreed to include Digitalisation and Environmental Sustainability as Core Committees and in this issue of Making Waves we share an update from IMCA’s Environmental Sustainability Committee.

Stig Clementsen Stig Clementsen

Peter de BreePeter de Bree

At IMCA’s Environmental Sustainability Committee meeting in November, members selected Peter de Bree, Director of Strategy and Technology at Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) as its new Chairman. Peter leads on sustainability at HMC, where he previously worked as VP of Projects and brings both a strategic and operational perspective. He has held numerous roles including as Chief Operating Officer at Seaway Heaving Lifting and Western European Regional Director at Applus+ RTD Contractors.

Peter said: “I look forward to Chairing IMCA’s Environmental Sustainability Committee and to working with members and the Secretariat to take forward the important work of the committee on environmental sustainability. Sustainability is an integral part of HMC’s identity and mainstreamed in our work practices, where we strike a careful balance between people, planet and profit. “
IMCA would like to thank Stig Clementsen, Chief Sustainability Officer & Senior VP HSEQ at DOF Subsea for leading the Committee in recent months. On Peter’s selection, Stig who will continue as Vice-Chairman, said “Peter’s appointment is a win for IMCA as we work to implement the ES Roadmap, support the energy transition, and develop our Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability. ”

IMCA’s Board of Directors has also approved the nomination of Deme Offshore to the ESC. Sustainability has been on the DEME agenda for many years. DEME’s vision is to work towards a sustainable future by offering solutions to global challenges: a rising sea level, a growing population, reduction of CO2-emissions, polluted rivers, seas and soils, and the scarcity of natural resources.

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