IMCA is an international association with around 900 members operating in over 60 countries.

The value proposition is to influence our industry in key technical, contractual, policy and regulatory matters that are in the best interest of the marine contracting industry.

Membership is available to companies and organisations (not individuals) involved in offshore, marine and underwater engineering. There are six categories of membership, covering global, international and national contractors, plus suppliers, energy company clients, regulators, NGOs and other related industry organisations.

Each member joins one or more of IMCA’s four divisions (Diving, Marine, Offshore Survey, Remote Systems & ROV) according to its own area(s) of operation.

In addition to the global work of IMCA’s technical committees, each member joins one of five regions: Asia-Pacific, Europe & Africa, Middle East & India, North America, South America. Members are encouraged to participate in regional meetings and events in promoting the best interests of the industry.

Member Directory iconMember Directory

The IMCA membership directory is a full list of members, indicating category, technical division(s), regional location and links to members’ own websites.