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Please complete and submit the following form to register for the IMCA Diving CPD App.

Your details will then be verified by our certification team before you are added to the system, at which point you will receive an automated welcome email.

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    Privacy notice

    Data collection and processing is undertaken in accordance with the IMCA privacy policy, which sets out your rights and our responsibilities, available below.

    Data provided here is used for the following purpose(s):

    • Accreditation and certification – IMCA runs accreditation and certification schemes for certain positions in the offshore industry. As part of this, it collects and processes personal data relating to candidates and qualified personnel, which includes additional identity verification (such as passport or driving licence details), details of relevant certification and work history and a history of the application process, including examinations and resits. An online validation facility limits access to personal data to display of confirmatory details. An IMCA CPD app, available for certain positions, uses only that data necessary to enable login and tracking of user progress. Such data is generally retained permanently. This is required to ensure a robust system that ensures the competence of those working highly safety critical positions in the offshore industry.
      Specifically, this form collects data from those seeking to pre-register for the IMCA diving CPD scheme. Personal data reflects (or updates) that already held in the certification database. In addition, you may choose to provide photographic ID, such as a passport scan, to speed the verification process. The photographic ID submitted here is retained for no more than two months following successful verification. It is then deleted from our systems.

    By submitting this form, you are indicating acceptance of the IMCA privacy policy and of the lawful basis for processing of your personal data.

    IMCA Privacy Policy