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Countdown to CMID V9 continues

Published on 2 April 2015

When IMCA members flocked to Copenhagen in March for EWEA Offshore 2015, we saw it as an ideal opportunity to reach them by hosting a seminar in conjunction with the show. The topic: the progress of Project TRADEWINDS, which combines the upgrade of CMID version 9 and the introduction of an accreditation scheme for vessel inspectors (which we are working on in collaboration with the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS)). If you missed out on the seminar, don’t worry you can find the information and presentations from the day here now.

Delegates from vessel operators, clients and inspection companies attended the seminar to hear the latest and now you can too by using the links to the presentations given on the day (below). More news will be coming soon as the countdown to the launch of CMID v9 and the accreditation scheme for vessel inspectors continues. We expect to announce the plans for further CMID seminars and workshops shortly – so check back soon for the latest.

March highlights

Presentation 1 (click here)
An introduction to Project TRADEWINDS

Presentation 2 (click here)
New CMID v9 structure and changes from v8
– How to get the best from CMID for operators, owners, inspectors and clients

Presentation 3 (click here)
Update of CMID vessel inspector principles and methodology
€¢ Alignment to ISM Code and other new regulatory requirements
€¢ Adoption of ISO 19011 Guidelines for auditing management systems as principles
– Incorporation of CMID into vessel safety and environmental protection management system

Presentation 4 (click here)
Worked examples of CMID and MISW
– Practical examples

Presentation 5 (click here)
Accreditation of vessel inspectors
– Use of IMCA P03 Competence Framework
– Accreditation of vessel inspectors
– Accreditation process
– Aim and objectives
– Training and continuous personal development
– Training programme
– Estimated charges and costs
– What’s in it for stakeholders
– Development of CMID vessel inspector website

Image credit: Alan Cleaver, flickr