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Oil & Gas/Energy Company - Corresponding Membership

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Please identify an employee of your company to act as global co-ordinator - the main point of contact, as defined in the IMCA governance documents.

Next steps

Once you have submitted Part 1, please complete Part 2, which includes details of individual contact points who wish to receive technical information and updates from IMCA's committees.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of IMCA membership are set out in our governance and policy documents, each of which may be downloaded and reviewed by applicants. Part 3 of the application is a signatory form, where your company must accept our terms and conditions.

The IMCA privacy policy sets out the rights of you and your company representatives, and our responsibilities - see the privacy notice on this page for more details.

I confirm that I am duly authorised by the named company to submit this application. I hereby accept the terms and conditions of membership, as set out above, and the IMCA privacy policy, and submit this application for consideration.

Privacy notice

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Data collection and processing is undertaken in accordance with the IMCA privacy policy, which sets out your rights and our responsibilities, available at

Data provided here is used for the following purpose(s) (extract from policy):

  • Membership - Data is used to provide a variety of member services. Names and company affiliations form part of a record of activity, such as minutes of committee meetings, proceedings of seminars and workshops, and as part of committee election materials. Business contact details may be shared with committee and workgroup members for the sole purpose of furthering IMCA’s published objectives and work programme.

By submitting this form, you are indicating acceptance of the IMCA privacy policy and of the lawful basis for processing of your personal data.  Where you have provided details of other persons, we will advise them directly of this and provide them with our privacy policy.