eCMID System

The IMCA eCMID system provides standard formats for the inspection and auditing of offshore vessels. Its use helps promote safety and efficiency and can help reduce the number of repeat inspections on individual vessels by providing a consistent, transferrable format which meets vessel operator and client requirements alike.

Since 1 January 2018:

  • only accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs) can upload new inspection reports to the database, to ensure the level of competence and familiarity with the relevant vessel type demanded by the industry.
  • only those eCMID and eMISW inspection reports uploaded to the eCMID database website are recognised as valid by IMCA. PDF versions exported from the database are watermarked and can be verified by logging in and requesting access to the latest version, including any subsequent comments and close-out remarks, from the vessel operator.
  • blank CMID/MISW templates in PDF form have been withdrawn.  The eCMID application makes the vessel-specific inspection template available to inspectors.

The relevant publications are:

Further guidance is contained in Guidance on using the eCMID and the eCMID inspection report database.

eCMID iconeCMID Update

IMCA publishes a newsletter with updates on the eCMID system, including adjustments to the inspection regime, website improvements and information for accredited vessel inspectors.