eCMID System

The IMCA eCMID System provides standard formats for the inspection and auditing of offshore vessels.  Its use helps promote safety and efficiency and can help reduce the number of repeat inspections on individual vessels by providing a consistent, transferrable format which meets vessel operator and client requirements alike.

The relevant publications are:

eCMID logoThe eCMID website ( is a database facilitating access to completed reports, with an application for inspectors to complete and upload their reports in a common format.  Registration is open to vessel operators, their clients and vessel inspectors (IMCA members and non-members alike).
CMID Inspector (AVI) logoTo ensure the competence of those undertaking eCMID inspections, IMCA has partnered with the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) to establish the Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI – eCMID Inspector) scheme.

Further guidance is contained in Guidance on using the eCMID and the eCMID inspection report database.

Events iconeCMID Workshops

IMCA holds workshop events in various regions to engage with the eCMID community – to discuss the auditing system with inspectors, vessel operators and their clients.

eCMID iconeCMID Update

IMCA publishes a newsletter with updates on the eCMID System, including adjustments to the inspection regime, website improvements and information for accredited vessel inspectors.

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