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IMCA urges members to be vigilant against fabricated certificates

Published on 15 December 2021

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has asked members to treat with utmost caution, any certificates, other than those listed on their website, that depict IMCA logos or portray IMCA approval.

The Association was made aware of a number of doctored ROV certificates, being circulated in the Asia Pacific region, despite the fact it does not currently issue, approve or accredit ROV certification.

IMCA Contact

Allen Leatt
Chief Executive

Allen Leatt, Chief Executive of IMCA explained:

“It is hugely concerning that people are being misled in this way, and investing in a qualification that doesn’t exist. IMCA’s certification is highly regarded as crucial to the safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable running of operations offshore and we take any counterfeit or fraudulent activity very seriously.”

He added:

“I would urge our members to be vigilant and bring any certificates that arouse suspicion to our attention.”

Any certificates not listed on the IMCA website and bearing the IMCA logo should be treated with suspicion and reported to [email protected]

More information about IMCA certification can be found on their website Certification & Training – IMCA (