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IMCA produces a range of materials for its members as information notes, covering safety, technical, regulatory, commercial and various other issues relevant to its members.

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New Publication Alert – Managing environmental risks in the upstream oil & gas industry

In keeping with their members’ commitment to sustainable business, the Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) and IPIECA have updated their widely-read 1997 publication on environmental management in upstream oil and gas, focusing specifically on the operational environmental aspects associated with oil and gas exploration and production[1]. Early on

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| Information Note number 1521 | Original reference(s) IMCA ESB 05/20

An Alternative Fuels Initiative (LNG, GTL, HVO)

Heerema Marine Contractors believes that a responsible company has an obligation to act in a sustainable manner.  This includes the minimisation of our impact on the environment, which is why […]

| Information Note number 1520 | Original reference(s) IMCA ESB 04/20


This is the second IMCA Environmental Sustainability bulletin, and like the first, it is drawn from the inaugural IMCA Environmental Sustainability Awards made at the IMCA Annual Seminar in The […]

| Information Note number 1434 | Original reference(s) IMCA ESB 02/19

Elimination of employee generated single use plastic

TechnipFMC Marine Operations Services (TMOS) won the inaugural IMCA Environmental Sustainability Award with their plan to eliminate employee generated single use plastics from their facilities and vessels by end of year 2018.  This objective was fully in line with their commitment to minimise environmental impact through reduction of company carbon

| Information Note number 1432 | Original reference(s) IMCA ESB 01/19

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