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Annual Safety Statistics Report

IMCA has produced an annual report of safety statistics supplied by contractor members since the late 1990’s.  The 2020 report is now available.

Safety statistics remain a useful insight into the performance of a company and industry sector. The purpose of these statistics is to record the safety performance of IMCA contractor members each year and to enable IMCA members to benchmark their performance against other companies of similar size. 

In 2019 we introduced an online portal to make submitting data an easy process for Members and for the 2020 data collection 138 contractors took part covering more than 651 million manhours, a reduction in the number of manhours from 2019 – potentially due to a reduced number of manhours worked across members due to COVID-19.

IMCA members reported two work-related fatalities amongst their employees. One was a road traffic accident, the other, a man overboard. Whilst no work-related fatalities remains everyone’s goal, this is the lowest ever Fatal Accident Rate IMCA has have recorded and it is a lot better than last year.

The “flat-line” trend of injuries and incidents continues. Total LTIFR has improved slightly since last year (0.33 to 0.31 this year), as has Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) from 1.14 to 1.09 this year. The corresponding offshore rates have seen similar very slight improvement.
Our people getting caught “in the line of fire” remains the most common cause amongst the 202 LTIs reported. Slips and trips remain the second most common cause.

Safety Reporting
There has been continued increase of the leading indicator we call “Safety Observation Frequency Rate”. This is a measure of the number of safety reports made by a members’ employees and we believe that it is an indicator of a healthy safety culture at a company. It should rise year on year.

Company Bands
We continue to categorize contributing members into four bands according to the amount of man-hours reported – that is, according to the size of the company. This allows peer group comparison and benchmarking between companies of similar size.

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