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Call to Action for Marine Members

  • IMCA is collecting fuel consumption data from its members, to enable it to effectively lobby IMO Member States for a suitable Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) for assessing the offshore sector. This effort is of critical importance because the proposed ‘transport work’ proxy, which is based on cargo ships, is not a suitable metric for assessing the carbon intensity of the offshore sector.
  • IMCA, in collaboration with the Russian Federation, prepared a submission to IMO (MEPC 74/6) (include hyperlink) proposing two possible metrics, Proxy A and Proxy B, which could be used instead of ‘transport work’.  The IMO is now in the process of considering the IMCA submission and will take a decision in June.
  • What is needed to support the IMCA submission is data on fuel consumption.
  • Support IMCA’s submission by submitting your fuel consumption data through a process managed by the Marine Policy & Regulatory Affairs Committee.
  • We are collecting data for two reporting periods as IMO, 2019 and 2020. 2019 and 2020 data should be submitted no later than 4 April 2021. Members can be assured that the data submitted will be treated as confidential.

Download the 2019 spreadsheet HERE

Download the 2020 spreadsheet HERE

Please email the completed files to: [email protected] 

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