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Environmental Sustainability – learn more in our new Recommended Code of Practice

Can you name five of the most pressing environmental issues for the offshore marine construction industry? Do you know what your company and peers are doing to advance environmental sustainability?  All is revealed in our new Recommended Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability published in May 2021. 

This is a must read for anyone working in offshore marine construction, whether you are a commercial diver, a deck officer, engineer, or working in head office.  Collaboration is key to helping to advance environmental sustainability in our industry, and we are delighted that Members through the Environmental Sustainability Committee and its dedicated workgroup have come together to put a pen to paper on what is expected of our industry to manage environmental risks and opportunities associated with offshore marine construction. 
For those new to the area and a quick read, check out our Environmental Sustainability at At a Glance brochure. 

If you are interested in going into further detail see our full Recommended Code.  Here you will find information on five key topics for our industry: greenhouse gas emissions, energy management and efficiency, life below water, the circular economy and supply chains and much more.  Later this month, a broadcast will be made available on our website, where you can hear direct from many of the Members involved in developing the Code.  As stated in the Code:  “The Energy Transition is fundamental to long-term value creation for our industry”.  We hope that this becomes a milestone signaling where environmental sustainability and the energy transition become mainstreamed in our industry, as was the case with safety in the past.

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