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Events round up

Recent IMCA Webinars

Virtual Environmental Sustainability Seminar

On 28 September 2021 IMCA’s Environmental Sustainability Committee held a virtual seminar off the back of the  launch of the Recommended Code of Practice for Environmental Sustainability earlier this year. Speakers were drawn from across the membership, as well as from the Basque Centre for Climate Change, the Global Maritime Forum, VARD Engineering, KPMG Netherlands, the United Nations Global Compact and Duke University. 

Asia-Pacific and Middle East & India joint webinar

These two regional committees came together on the 5 October to deliver a series of short presentations, followed by a panel Q&A session. Speakers included Allen Leatt, IMCA’s Chief Executive, Richard Sykes of Equinor, Nadine Robinson, Technical Adviser, Environmental Sustainability, IMCA, and Bryan McGlinchy, Diving Manager at IMCA.

IMCA at Industry events

In September Technical Advisers, Richard Purser and Andre Rose spoke Riviera Maritime’s  “Dynamic Positioning in the Unmanned Vessel Space” industry webinar. Peter Sieniewicz

Technical Adviser – Diving,  travelled to Italy to represent IMCA at two diving events – IDRC and EDTC and Margaret Fitzgerald participated in London shipping Week through a series of virtual events.

On 5 October, IMCA Technical Advisers, Richard Purser, Andy Goldsmith and Graeme Reid presented at the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) Dynamically Positioned (DP) Vessels – Event Reporting, Trials & Accreditation Lecture.

On 8 October, Technical Adviser, Nick Hough represented IMCA at a meeting of MAB – the Maritime Advisory Board of CHIRP Maritime, the UK Confidential Hazardous Incident Report Programme.  On 12/13 October Nick participated in an IOGP organised cross-industry Human Performance Summit.

On 7th October, Nadine Robinson, Technical Adviser for Environmental Sustainability took part in a panel discussion “OSIG & the Energy Transition, the Changing Face of Offshore Survey” as part of Dcarbonise week. The event looked at how the survey, geotechnics and OSIG sector is changing in order to keep pace with the changing needs of Offshore Energy and the expectation of operating in a more sustainable manner.

Richard Purser and Andre Rose spoke at the “Dynamic Positioning in the Unmanned Vessel Space” industry webinar.

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