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Events round up

Recent IMCA Webinars

IMCA South America webinar on Competence

IMCA’s South America Regional Committee hosted its regional webinar on 24 November in Brazil.

The session focused on competence, what competence is, what it means, why it is important and will detail IMCA’s Competence Assurance process.

The session was led by Chair John Chatten, Vice Chair Daniel Marins and supported by the committee members with Andy Goldsmith as IMCA’s regional lead. The Brazilian Navy’s Lt Erika Lanes also shared details of IMCA’s contribution to Brazilian offshore training and competence development.

IMCA at Industry events

Bergen International Diving Seminar

IMCA’s diving experts, Peter Sieniewicz and Bryan McGlinchy presented at the Bergen International Diving Seminar on 9 November. This year we also had the pleasure of sharing insight into our newly published Recommended Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability with Erik Bergh, Group HSEQS Director, DeepOcean, speaking on behalf of IMCA’s Environmental Sustainability Committee.

European Dynamic Positioning Conference

IMCA was proud to work with Riviera Maritime as a supporting organisation in November’s European Dynamic Positioning Conference. IMCA’s Technical Advisers Andy Goldsmith and Richard Purser also spoke at the event.

eCMID AVI Festival of Knowledge IV seminar

On 24 November Technical Advisers Graeme Reid and Richard Purser, and IT Specialist Adam Hugo took part in the online ‘eCMID AVI Festival of Knowledge IV’ seminar which put alternative fuels firmly in the spotlight.

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