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Safety Interface Document for a DP vessel working near an offshore platform to apply to all industry sectors

The International Marine Contractors Association has revised IMCA M 125 Safety Interface Document for a DP vessel working near an offshore platform, as part of a continuous review of IMCA guidelines to ensure their relevance across all energy sectors. The 1997 guidelines were originally developed to assist the interfacing of the DP vessel’s safety management system (SMS) with the SMS of offshore installations and was primarily focused on manned structures in the oil & gas industry.

The revision includes a subtle name change to address its application to both manned and unmanned structures: Safety Interface Document for a DP vessel working near an offshore structure.

Both DP and Renewable Energy sub committees of IMCA’s Marine Division Management Committee collaborated on the updated document which provides guidance for DP vessel operators and their charterers. This includes both offshore oil & gas and renewable energy fixed and floating installations irrespective of the geographical sea area in which the DP vessel or unit is operating.

Mark Ford, Technical Director at IMCA explained:

“The ongoing review of our documentation, by the industry for the industry, to apply across all sectors, is essential to IMCA’s ongoing expansion into the renewable energy market. Our Renewable Energy committee has been working tirelessly for 10 years to promote relevant experience and best practice, supporting our Members who are operating in this area of the industry which is vital to the energy sector’s long-term value proposition.”

The degree of interfacing of the SMS will be a function of the identified risks and should be decided upon well before the on-site arrival of the DP vessel. Each section includes a checklist which is then combined in the appendix to provide a simple safety interface checklist.

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