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IMCA urges members to be vigilant against fabricated certificates

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has asked its members to treat with caution, any certificates, other than those detailed on its website, that depict IMCA logos or portray some form of IMCA approval. The Association was recently made aware of a number of doctored ROV certificates being circulated in the Asia-Pacific region, despite the fact it does not currently issue, approve, or accredit ROV certificates.

At present, the IMCA Diving Division only directly issues the following accreditation certificates:

IMCA’s Diving Division also recognises Diver Medic Technician (DMT) certificates issued to suitably qualified diving personnel by training providers teaching IMCA-approved DMT or IMCA-approved DMT refresher courses. 

The IMCA Marine Division only directly issues the following accreditation certificates:

  • IMCA Dynamic Positioning (DP) Trials and Assurance Practitioner
  • IMCA Company DP Authority.

IMCA’s Marine Division also recognises the Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI) scheme operated by the Marine Surveying Academy (MSA) of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS). 

There are currently no other certificates issued, approved or accredited by IMCA.

Allen Leatt, Chief Executive of IMCA explained:

“It is very concerning that people could be misled in this way and perhaps even investing in an ‘IMCA qualification’ that doesn’t exist. IMCA’s certification is highly regarded and we take such activity very seriously.”

Any certificates not listed on the IMCA website and bearing the IMCA logo should be treated with suspicion and reported to [email protected]

More information about IMCA certification can be found on the Association’s website Certification & Training – IMCA (

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