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Collaboration with IMO Member States pays dividends in pushing MASS ahead on the international agenda

Following a series of roundtable discussions with key IMO Member States, IMCA was strategically placed to co-sponsor a proposal to IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 104) calling for substantial work on the development of a new goal-based holistic code for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) to commence as a priority for IMO’s biennium 2022-2023. The proposed code aims to establish a global standard for the design, construction and operation of MASS and thereby allow IMO to continue to promote safe, secure, environmentally sound, efficient and sustainable shipping.

MSC 104 agreed that the first step in the process would be the finalization of a road map which would set out a common understanding of the steps involved in the process while, at the same time,  substantial proposals are developed which lead to the preparation of a mandatory instrument to address MASS operations. IMCA’s MASS Committee will continue to collaborate with IMO Member States to develop suitable proposals going forward.

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