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Inside the Secretariat

Get to know more about the people who work at IMCA and their roles within the organisation.

Andre Rose, Technical Adviser – Competence & Training, Remote Systems and ROV

  1. Name?  Andre Rose 
  1. When did you join IMCA?  25 November 2018 
  1. What do you do within IMCA? I’m the Technical Adviser for Remote Systems & ROV, Competence & Training, Digitalisation, Europe and Africa and Marine Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS). As a Technical adviser I co-ordinate the activities of the committees for which I am responsible. This may be the more general work of ensuring that any publications under my committee’s remit are reviewed within the allotted time scale, arranging and creating the agenda and writing minutes for the various committee meetings. This also entails liaising with the Chair and Vice Chair of each committee. More interesting work comes from keeping up to date with any new or evolving technology, such as the move towards resident Remote Offshore Vehicle (ROV) systems or moving towards ROVs being piloted from a remote location, other than a vessel. My most interesting work, for the past couple of years, has been my involvement with the Marine Autonomous Surface Ships and the Uncrewed vessel work. I have been involved with the Marine Autonomous Ships Regulatory Working Group (MASRWG) where I contributed to the Cyber Security chapter of the Code of Practice. This whole area is fascinating and represents a massive step forward in vessel technology and operations and will change the shape of the maritime industry. 
  1. What are you most excited for IMCA in the future? I think that the advance of technology, and particularly the rapid advances in computing systems, memory, speed and capacity and advanced software will continue to revolutionise the way we work offshore. The move towards MASS/Uncrewed vessels will probably re-invent the maritime industry as we know it and the use of automation in all areas of our lives will bring great benefits, although they will require a huge shift in mindsets from the way we currently do things. ROVs will be piloted from distant locations, systems will reside on the seabed and only come to shore for maintenance. New autonomous robots will be developed to carry out many of our tasks, where vessels are currently used. Apart from highly specialised construction vessels, many subsea survey, inspection and intervention tasks will be done remotely and without crewed vessels.    
  1. What’s the best thing about working for IMCA?  My colleagues are great and the opportunity to be involved with coming change is exciting. 
  1. What’s the biggest change you have seen in IMCA since you joined?  The move towards renewables and new technologies, once thought as science-fiction now becoming fact.  
  1. What did you want to be when you were growing up?  I did not want to grow up – it just kind of happened!   
  1. Who’s your hero? Nikola Tesla 
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Andre Rose
Technical Adviser – Remote Systems and ROV, Offshore Survey, Digitalisation

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