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Inviting Nominations for IMCA’s Safety and Environmental Sustainability Awards

We have launched our annual awards programme to recognise our members achievements across the offshore construction industry in 2021. Both Environmental Sustainability and Safety were listed among the top of our key strategic themes earlier this year, and it is only right that we celebrate the positive initiatives and practices of our members in these areas so that we as an industry can replicate and build on that progress to improve performance. 

For the Safety Award the criteria will include visibility and promotion of safety with the workforce; successful adoption and buy-in; improvement in safety behaviours; improved safety performance; and the possibilities for future development. 

Nick Hough, Technical Adviser, commented that “Maintaining robust safety standards is at the heart of our industry. These awards are an important vehicle to disseminate the good practices and success stories beyond the lessons learned in our safety flashes. Both safety and environmental sustainability are key ingredients in the recipe for developing the world’s marine energy resources.” 

In light of the recent outcomes of COP26 where the emphasis was placed on renewable energy and the energy transition, it is clear that environmental sustainability will place the imperative for action across every industry and sector for years to come.  

Environmental Sustainability is one of IMCA’s Strategic Themes and key to long-term value creation,” IMCA’s Technical Adviser on Environmental Sustainability, Nadine Robinson enthused. “Through the awards, we can highlight the tangible impact of IMCA members’ efforts at advancing environmental sustainability and improving environmental performance in the offshore industry. They afford an opportunity to showcase how environmental sustainability and the energy transition are being mainstreamed into business models. The good practice identified should offer potential for replicability and scaling up across our industry.  I look forward to seeing how our industry has been making progress which we can learn from.” 

The Environmental Sustainability Award will be assessed on advancing environmental sustainability in areas such as the scale of environmental benefit; innovation; commitment of the workforce; social and economic benefits; quantification of the improvements; and the possibilities for future development.  

How to enter 

All entries should be submitted via email to [email protected] before 11 January 2022. 

The winners will be based on the best environmental sustainability and safety initiatives developed by our member companies during the last two years. Entries submitted in previous years are permitted providing further developments and benefits of the programme can be clearly measured and demonstrated. 

Entries are invited for: 

  • a specific environmental project or a grouping of environmental projects and/or 
  • a specific safety initiative or a grouping of safety initiatives. 

Mandatory requirements: 

  1. Abstract of up to 150 words describing the award entry. 
  2. Up to 500 words describing/illustrating the tangible impact on business and industry. 
  3. Submit data demonstrating the impact of initiative – this element is essential to demonstrate influence or effect.  


  1. Provide a more detailed explanation of no more than two pages of text explaining the initiative and showing the results including photographs or visual illustrations. 

The Judging Panel comprises two representatives from the IMCA Board of Directors, the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the HSSE Committee, the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Environmental Sustainability Committee, and relevant members of the IMCA Secretariat. To ensure impartiality, the final members of the judging panel will be confirmed once all submissions have been received. 

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