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Latest Publications – March/May 2022

To keep up to date new with documents and the latest revisions of our guidance visit the publications section of our website. Latest publications include :

Minor changes/ periodic review:

IMCA M 182International guidelines for the safe operation of dynamically positioned offshore supply vessels
IMCA M 257Safe and Efficient Use of an Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV)
IMCA M 249DP practitioner accreditation scheme handbook
IMCA M 258Dynamic Positioning Station Keeping Review – Incidents and Events Reported for 2021
IMCA HSSE 016Guidance on the investigation and reporting of incidents

Latest Information Notes which includes and Bulletins can be found in the Publications section of our website here.

Some notable documents issued recently:

Latest Safety flashes can be found here

DP Events can be found here

Logbooks can be purchased here

IMCA’s technical library represents a considerable body of work and intellectual property belonging to its Members. Accordingly, IMCA’s Board has determined that IMCA’s documents, developed by our Members for our Members, should no longer available for purchase by the general public. Member access to IMCA’s website and document system was upgraded during 2020/21 to allow all individuals from our Member companies (both onshore and offshore)  to set up online accounts and have unlimited free access to documents providing their email credentials contain the domain name of the Member company.

All IMCA documents are freely available to all Members in all categories. Members should log in for free downloads and discounted pricing on physical items.

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