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From the President – June 2011

IMCA is a multi-faceted trade association. It covers a wide membership of all types of companies, all around the world, dealing with all forms of marine construction. I would like […]

Making Waves #59 – June 2011

Making Waves 59 (PDF) Highlights from issue 59 of Making Waves Include: Competence workshops reports New IMCA contracts materials Nina Adams retires New safety promotion materials Revision of CMID and […]

eCMID Update #1 – May 2011

CMID Update is a quarterly newsletter related to the IMCA M 149 CMID inspection and the associated eCMID database, The newsletter keeps readers up to date with changes to […]

Making Waves #58 – March 2011

Making Waves 58 (PDF) Highlights from issue 58 of Making Waves Include: Safety seminar report Call for safety statistics Certification exam bank Seabed mapping and inspection

Making Waves #57 – December 2010

Making Waves 57 (PDF) Highlights from issue 57 of Making Waves Include: IMCA incorporates new company Security poster screensavers Safe management of data Call for ROV statistics

Making Waves #56 – September 2010

Making Waves 56 (PDF) Highlights from issue 56 of Making Waves Include: IMCA membership tops 700 The latest update from IMO New publications & DVDs 2011 safety seminar in Venice

Making Waves #55 – May 2010

Making Waves 55 (PDF) Highlights from issue 55 of Making Waves Include: Award-winning IMCA Ensuring business continuity Guidance on data management IMO update

Making Waves #54 – February 2010

Making Waves 54 (PDF) Highlights from issue 54 of Making Waves Include: Praise for the Heave Compensation Workshop Global Industries becomes IMCA’s ninth ICO CMID inspector competence The control of […]

Making Waves #53 – November 2009

Making Waves 53 (PDF) Highlights from issue 53 of Making Waves Include: CMID database launches Rio seminar success Updated competence documents available Safe isolation for diver access New guidance on […]

Making Waves #52 – August 2009

Making Waves 52 (PDF) Highlights from issue 52 of Making Waves Include: Central & South America Section off to flying start Membership passes 600 Digital video guide updated Highlighting safety […]

Making Waves #51 – May 2009

Making Waves 51 (PDF) Highlights from issue 51 of Making Waves Include: IMCA hits a home run in Houston Membership passes 600 Plans for the formation of the IMCA Central […]

Making Waves #50 – February 2009

Making Waves 50 (PDF) Highlights from issue 50 of Making Waves Include: IMCA sharpens focus on competence New guidelines on medical assessment IMCA publishes outline syllabus on supervisor How IMCA […]

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