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Inappropriate use of snap hooks

A member has reported that, in spite of efforts to prevent the practice, regular incidents involving the inappropriate use of hooks have continued to occur. A number of incidents have […]

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Near-miss: falling object

A member has reported an incident in which a falling object hit and destroyed someone’s hard hat. Two third-party ironworkers were setting the upper section of a structural steel tower. […]

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Fatality: fall from height

A member has reorted an incident in which a worker was killed, falling 19 meters from a column walkway. The person was a fitter putting in place a final piece […]

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Near-miss: Dropped clump weight

A member has reported an incident in which a clump weight was inadvertently dropped to the seabed. The incident occurred during diving operations when operating a deck mounted tool deployment […]

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Fatality: Falling object

A member has advised of a fatality, the initial details of which follow. During wireline toolstring recovery, accidental contact with the wireline sheave was made, causing the assembly to fall […]

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