Safety Videos

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Reference Title Format Date
IMCA HSS014 Guidance on travel security DocumentVideo Apr 24
IMCA HSS045 TechnipFMC – Safe Hands Lifting BookDocumentPocket CardPosterVideo Sep 20
IMCA HSS044 TechnipFMC – Hot work and fire watch Document Dec 19
IMCA HSS043 Subsea 7 DROPS Document Mar 19
IMCA HSS042 Saipem DROPS – choice not chance Video Aug 18
IMCA SPB11 Hand-arm vibration Pocket CardVideo Oct 17
IMCA SPB12 Grinding wheel safety Pocket CardVideo Oct 17
IMCA SPB14 Electrical hazards Pocket CardVideo Oct 17
IMCA SPB13 Protect your eyes Pocket CardVideo Oct 17
IMCA SPB15 Noise Pocket CardVideo Oct 17
IMCA SPB02 Preventing slips and trips Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA SPB04 Manual handling Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA SPB03 Toolbox talks Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA SPB08 Line of fire Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA SPB05 Permit to work Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA SPB06 Watch your hands Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA SPB07 Lifting operations Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA SPB09 Lifting equipment Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA SPB10 Confined spaces: The dangers Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA SPB01 Working at height Pocket CardVideo Mar 17
IMCA HSS039 Technip DROPS Video Apr 16
IMCA HSS038 Mooring incidents Video May 15
IMCA HSS036 In the line of fire Video Nov 14
IMCA HSS028 Anti-piracy & hostage situation awareness Video May 12
IMCA HSS027 Gangway security Video Feb 11