IMCA Diving Division

IMCA Diving Division

IMCA promotes good practice in the offshore diving industry. Our Diving Division is concerned with all aspects of equipment, operations and personnel related to offshore diving operations.

IMCA Diving Division members carry out offshore diving operations around the world, in particular in support of offshore oil and gas activities. They are typically involved in underwater construction, installation and decommissioning operations, plus inspection, survey, repair and maintenance. Their interests span both shallower offshore activities and the deepest saturation diving. IMCA is not involved in inshore, inland, port, civil or recreational diving.

The IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving provides guidance for safe diving operations, and is particularly useful in countries with no national regulations. We have also developed a code of practice on diving equipment examination, testing and certification and accompanying audit templates, which together help clients and contractors implement dive system assurance programmes.

Other IMCA diving documents support these codes and include the safety-critical aspects of a variety of diving situations, covering the procedures and equipment required as well as guidance on diving personnel, medicals, competence and training.

IMCA members can view further information on the work of the Diving Division Management Committee in the IMCA members-only area of the website.

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    Equipment guidance

    Two key documents form the basis of IMCA's guidance on diving equipment

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    IMCA publishes a variety of training guidance documents

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