Alerts iconTransferee stepping from gangway to staircase during rotation

What happened? During extraction of working teams from offshore wind farm turbine towers in poor weather, a transferee found himself on a gangway as it disconnected.  Weather and sea conditions deteriorated faster than was forecast; the decision was taken to extract personnel from a number of turbine towers. Three teams were safely extracted from three … Continue reading “Transferee stepping from gangway to staircase during rotation”

Alerts iconLTI: head injury

What happened? A provisions lift onboard a vessel became stuck.  The chief engineer was called to attempt a repair.  During assessment of the problem, the lift dropped whilst his head was in its path, causing a serious head injury resulting in an LTI.  He made a full recovery. What went wrong? The vessel provisions lift … Continue reading “LTI: head injury”

Alerts iconNear miss: crewman struck on head by crane hook (Marine Safety Forum)

The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) has published Safety Alert 18-26, in which an AB was struck on the head by a crane hook during routine deck cargo transfer operations. A platform supply vessel (PSV) was carrying out the routine deck cargo operations at an offshore installation.  Two crew on deck were routinely hooking on and … Continue reading “Near miss: crewman struck on head by crane hook (Marine Safety Forum)”

Alerts iconLatent trip hazards

What happened? A member reports several trip hazards in vessel machinery spaces.  On one occasion, a crew member entered the emergency generator room, stepped on an exposed support gusset, and twisted their left foot and ankle resulting in a lost time injury (LTI).  On another occasion, a crew member on routine watch keeping duty tripped … Continue reading “Latent trip hazards”