Alerts iconElectric Arc Incident

What happened? During a vessel mobilisation a control cabin for an electric ROV was being installed and commissioned.  The cabin’s internal main electrical power cable arced, tripping the vessel’s power circuit breaker.  The arcing, witnessed by an ROV technician, came from a coil of electrical cabling which had been left hanging from trunking in close … Continue reading “Electric Arc Incident”

Alerts iconRecurring Hand Injury

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has published Safety Alert No. 336 regarding a hand injury sustained during lifting procedures. During a slow lifting process to remove a rubbish bag from a storage container, the storage container itself also began to lift.  The crane operator was unable to see the lifting operation due … Continue reading “Recurring Hand Injury”

Alerts iconHigh Potential Near Miss: Line of Fire During Mooring Operations

What happened? A seafarer was caught in the line of fire and temporarily trapped by a mooring line, but fortunately escaped without serious injury. During the mooring of an offshore support vessel at a sea mooring, the crew noticed that the hawser had become fouled.  The chief officer, who was in charge of the watch, … Continue reading “High Potential Near Miss: Line of Fire During Mooring Operations”

Alerts iconSeamanship: Vessel Collision with Fishing Boat

What happened? A vessel was in collision with a fishing boat.  The incident occurred in foggy, zero visibility conditions on a ballast voyage.  Our members’ vessel was passing through some scattered fishing boats at the location.  The vessel’s starboard quarter hull came into contact with the fishing boat when the duty officer manoeuvred to avoid … Continue reading “Seamanship: Vessel Collision with Fishing Boat”