Alerts iconFuel spray fire

What happened? The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) have released Safety Alert 18-16, in which a vessel experienced machinery failure which could have resulted in a far more serious outcome.  The vessel had been forced to stop operations due to foggy weather.  A high-level alarm was sounded on the forward bilge.  Investigation of the alarm showed … Continue reading “Fuel spray fire”

Alerts iconAccidental activation of expired pyrotechnics (hand flare)

What happened? During a vessel dry dock, smoke was observed coming from a forepeak store, which was also accessible from the mess room.  Expired hand flare pyrotechnics, boxed and packed up for landing ashore, had been accidentally activated by yard personnel on board for cleaning and chipping the chain locker. The alarm was raised and … Continue reading “Accidental activation of expired pyrotechnics (hand flare)”

Alerts iconThree fires

Incident 1: Property damage A vessel was carrying two (working and loaded) deep freezers as deck cargo, destined for delivery to a platform.  They were stored inside two metal baskets.  A small fire/smoke was observed coming from one of the deep freezers. The fire alarm was sounded.  All crew mustered, initiated fire-fighting actions, isolated the … Continue reading “Three fires”