Dynamic Positioning (DP)

DP technology enables a vessel to maintain its position and heading using sophisticated positioning systems and control system technology for its own thrusters and propellers. It facilitates work in much deeper waters than vessels using traditional anchors and is widely used in the offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and related industries.

IMCA (and its predecessor, DPVOA) has been at the forefront since DP was first introduced to the offshore sector and its guidance and incident reporting scheme are used throughout the industry.

DP Guidance

IMCA publishes a variety of guidance documents, setting out industry good practice based on the cumulative experience of our members to help ensure safe and efficient operations. Key documents include:

The full Marine Division publications catalogue features a wealth of guidance and technical reports on DP matters positioning systems, thrusters, power and vessel management systems and other aspects of DP.

DP Events and Incidents

IMCA has collected data on DP station keeping events that extends back over more than 30 years.  Through this work, IMCA helps identify trends and common causes or potential hazards that can be addressed in discussion with vessel operators, equipment manufacturers, training establishments and others.