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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Is it real or just hype?

A brief history of Artificial Intelligence (AI)It is tempting to think of AI as a modern concept, but a short search of “Google” soon reveals that AI has roots in much older civilisations. Early Greek mythology contains concepts of AI and intelligent machines. Aristotle, in the 5th century, toyed with

Cyber security considerations for autonomous and remotely controlled systems

A Brief History of Security Historically, security can be defined as: The state of being free from danger or threat.The safety of a state or organization against criminal activity such as terrorism, theft, or espionage.Procedures followed or measures taken to ensure the security of a state or organization.The definitions still

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Internet of things (IoT)

The world is currently experiencing the 4th Industrial Revolution. Building on advances made in the 3rd Industrial or ‘Digitisation’ Revolution, this new technology era is typified by the blurring, or removal, of boundaries between the physical, artificial, digital and virtual worlds. The most obvious changes can be seen in the

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